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Mythical Greece

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Experience firsthand the mystique of the Mediterranean as she reveals her magic in the legendary cities and fabled islands of Greece and the Mediterranean on this enchanting Mythical . This will take you to the captivating corners of history, culture, and nature in the land of ancient ruins, bustling cities, and sunbaked villages that are all part of the Mediterranean seaside. Experience the stunning Greek Isles, with her lively tavernas, whitewashed houses and colorful balconies contrasting the royal blue sea. Some are quaint and quiet, while others have many restaurants, cafes, and bars where you can sample delicious Greek cuisine. Taste the flavorful fresh Feta and olives, Souvlaki and, of course, tantalizing Baklava for dessert. After a stay in Athens that includes a tour to the magnificent ruins of the Acropolis and the venerable Parthenon, set off on an independent journey of discovery that connects the country's capital with the Islands. A short flight takes you to Rhodes where you can explore the medieval charms of the "Old Town" -- rich with history, and the individuality of "New Town" where they can find exquisite shopping, dining, and nightlife. Next it's on to Crete, where remnants of a Minoan civilization dating back to 3000 B.C. reveal an advanced Bronze Aged civilization at the Palace of Knossos. Sail by ferry along to Santorini, a postcard perfect village perched on the edge of an ancient volcano where the lost city of Atlantis is believed to be found. With all it has to offer, Greece boasts a legacy that's unrivalled. This will leave you mesmerized!!!
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