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About Italy

Let Globus send you on a new adventure in Italy in 2019.

Maybe you've already fallen in love with Rome, Florence and Venice and feel you've “done Italy.” 
But there’s an entire country of culture, traditions, art and cuisine waiting to be seen, experienced and tasted.
Now, award-winning escorted tour company Globus is inviting travelers to uncover “secret” Italian destinations with a new series of “Undiscovered Italy” tours that explore palate-pleasing places on roads less traveled to breathe in breathtaking views and historic sites.
High-end hotels and VIP access to wondrous attractions give you an undiscovered Italy vacation in style.

Globus' Italy tours provide an inspired vacation without the hassle and stress of planning, so you get an Italian vacation unlike anything you could plan on your own.

Globus tours of Italy are the premier way to experience even more of this European gem outside of Rome, Florence and Venice, with included experiences like:
  • Taste prosciutto in Parma, and olive oil in a hillside Umbrian town called the 'most beautiful in Italy'.
  • Get up close to 13th and 14th century Masters in the fabled and picturesque Tuscan city of Siena.
  • Wander through Taormina, a Sicilian summer oasis abounding with breathtaking mountain-side views.

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Globus Tours spotlighting more of Italy in 2019 include:

NEW! Hidden Treasures of Southern Italy
  • 9 Day Tour from Naples to Sorrento Starting at $2,139 USD

This 9-day Italy tour takes you on a journey to discover world-renowned treasures in art, architecture, and history. You’ll begin in Naples – home to centuries of some of the most important art and architecture Italy has to offer. Throughout your guided tour of Southern Italy, you’ll visit royal residences, as well as ancient Greek archaeological marvels, before arriving in the Mediterranean-style town of Cellino San Marco. You’ll find the perfect respite from your sightseeing adventures with an overnight stay at the Salento estate of singer and winemaker Al Bano Carrisi. This peaceful countryside estate – near the Adriatic Sea – offers delicious wine from its vineyard with other delicacies, including local produce, olive oil, and homemade pasta. Stroll the grounds or lounge by the pool before embarking on discoveries in Lecce and Otranto. This Southern Italy escorted tour will introduce you to local favorites in delectable pastries and coffee, as well as truly remarkable architectural and historical structures. You’ll visit a traditional Trullo in Alberobello, and you’ll discover amazing ancient treasures that await you in Paestum – as you traverse from the “heel of the boot” of Italy across to the opposite coastline to Sorrento. As the picture-perfect ending to your Southern Italy vacation, you may also choose to join an optional excursion to Positano on the spectacular Amalfi Coast. Truly a feast for the mind, body, and soul, your escorted tour of Southern Italy will satisfy your curiosity in art and history – as well as your spirit of adventure – with hidden local treasures waiting to be discovered along the way.

NEW! The Sicilian
  • 10 Day Tour from Palermo to Taormina Riviera from $2249 USD
Your 10-day Italy tour of Sicily is packed with architectural treasures that have withstood the ages. You’ll begin your tour with guided sightseeing in Palermo’s ornate city of piazzas, markets, and churches. You’ll relish the baroque style of the city’s historic sites, and savor authentic Sicilian culinary specialties that have been handed down for generations. From panelle, arancini, and cannoli – to almond biscuits and Marsala wines – your escorted tour of Sicily is an epicurean’s dream when it comes to cuisine. You’ll also be treated to a tasting at Sicily’s oldest chocolate factory. As you tour the perimeter of the beautiful island of Sicily, you’ll also enjoy a cruise to the small island of Motya for a museum tour, as well as escorted tours through Sicily’s centuries-old UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as the elaborate Villa Romana del Casale in Piazza Armerina. From palaces to churches, you’ll encounter ancient works of art, architecture, and archaeological treasures. You’ll visit the Valley of the Temples with its Greek structures that have endured 24 centuries, the iconic St. George Cathedral and Ibla district of Ragusa, and the adorned tiled Staircase of Santa Maria del Monte in Caltagirone. You’ll travel to Syracuse – birthplace of mathematician Archimedes – for a guided sightseeing tour that includes the 5th-century-BC Greek theater. You’ll also enjoy seeing the Church of Santa Lucia – filming location of Michael Corleone’s wedding scene in The Godfather – then relaxing with a granita and brioche at a local bar. Your Sicily tour package concludes on the beautiful Taormina Riviera with an opportunity to visit Mount Etna – Europe’s largest active volcano. A sumptuous meal will put the finishing touch on your beautiful Italy tour of the ancient island of Sicily – with new memories to cherish for years to come.

Gems of Umbria & Tuscany
  • 9 Day Tour from Rome to Rome Starting at $2,299 USD