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Second Chance to See 2020's Once-in-a-decade Easter Passion Play- Oberammergau Reschedules to 2022

Posted on 02/25/2021
The small Bavarian village of Oberammergau has become synonymous with the Passion Play – a recreation of the biblical story of Easter that consumes the entire village for over a year. 
Today's audience will find it ironic that the origin of its performance was a prayer and promise to God to save the village from the plague in the 1600’s…
For those with a Christian faith tradition, attending a play that's been performed for hundreds of years in celebration of the most significant Biblical story is a once – maybe twice? – in a lifetime opportunity. But you don’t have to be Christian to have Oberammergau on your bucket list.
So there was a lot of excitement leading up to Oberammergau 2020. Excitement that turned to fears that COVID-19 would make Oberammergau history by canceling the Passion Play.
Luckily, the faithful and those who had a once-in-a-decade experience on their bucket list will not miss what might be their only chance to visit Oberammergau.
Instead of canceling, the village will stage its Passion Play in 2022 instead, daily from Spring through Fall, just like it would have in 2020.
Travelers can still reach this village that becomes a global landmark every ten years. Or in this unusual era… twelve years.
There are many ways to reach Oberammergau in 2022. Land tour operators have worked a day or two in Oberammergau into tours of Germany, Italy, Switzerland, and also included Oberammergau into faith-based tours of Europe. Oberammergau is even included as a shore excursion from Danube and Rhine River cruises.
Joining a land tour or river cruise is by far the best way to 'do' Oberammergau - travel companies locked in blocks of the best seats years ago, as well as dining reservations during your time in this small village.
If you missed out booking a trip to Oberammergau in 2020 – or if you originally booked for 2020 - you have a second chance. Your chances are getting smaller, though, as many original bookings have rolled over to 2022 and people unable to travel for the past year have a new urgency to regain lost time and a 'Fear of Missing Out' of something most people will only have one chance in a lifetime to experience.
Ask your travel advisor your best options to still be able to enjoy this incredible play in 2022.


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